Friday, April 26, 2013

My First Sewing Challenge

I decided I needed something to keep my mind busy and something to focus on, and when I realized that KCW was happening and I would be right on time to join, I decided to join in! KCW stands for, "Kids Clothing Week". It is a challenge to sew for your kids, one hour each day for a week.

The first project was this little top. It is refashioned from a ladies long sleeve t-shirt that I got on the damaged rack (for having faded shoulders) at a discount warehouse store. I used the preexisting hem, but cut it to a size 3 using an old Simplicity pattern, 8046.

For the front, I wasn't sure if I wanted to leave it plain or embellish it somehow, but I ended up grabbing a little vintage embroidery from my Grandma's linen stash and appliqued it on.
Butterfly Top KWC April 2013

The sleeves have to be my favorite part. I just ruffled an 1 1/2 wide length of fabric and sewed it right on the hem line. Old square snaps are on the shoulders, and voila! A non-pink, but pinkish enough, new top for Natasha!
Butterfly Top KWC April 2013

Sewing with knits has been rather fun, and I'm learning several new techniques for hemming and such.
I finished another new top for her yesterday including some color blocking, and it is adorable. I need to fix the shoulders a bit (they turned out a little wonky), but otherwise it's terribly cute. Stay tuned.

My next KCW project is a pair of bubble-ish type shorts. Rather excited about those!!!


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