Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm missing Panama.

Exactly one year ago today, this is what I was doing.
Capturing the Caribbean morning sunlight.

Coloring with my toddler (versus preschooler!)

Watching her nap in a hammock.

Taking a boat ride to Bocas Town.

Waiting for our second boat ride, and watching a mommy meet up in the park. And wishing I had a bicycle to tote my kid around on!

Then getting ready for an overnight bus ride to Panama City so we could continue our little sightseeing vacation before heading back to the States in a few days. This bus ride was miserable. It was freezing cold, I got motion sick and continued to freeze, while patiently waiting for the ginger root to kick in. (It finally did...that stuff works wonders.) We arrived in Panama City around 4 a.m., and could hardly keep our eyes open from exhaustion. 


But the next few days spent in El Valle, were so, so, SO nice. Relaxing to the utmost with absolutely nothing to do, warm showers, lots of patacones, and cool breezes. Probably the best time I've had in the past year. 

We've now been back in the states for a whole year. And I miss my Panama. 


  1. Thanks for sharing your memories of Panama. It's hard when we miss a place for some reason.

  2. I really like the picture of you and N coloring. You picked the perfect Caribbean beach hairstyle. ;)


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