Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Box Pleat Shorts for KCW

These are Natasha's first pair of homemade shorts. When she first put them on, she walked funny trying to get the feel of shorts! (It's been a while...)



I saw this adorable pattern on Pinterest, when I was searching for "bubble shorts" and had to try it out. Thing was, the size was 18-24 months. Not 3T. So I made up a pair from the original pattern size to base things off of, and not surprisingly, they were rather tight.


So, for a relaxing Sunday afternoon project, I enlarged the pattern and....it worked! I actually can't quite believe how well it turned out. I'm still surprised by that. Anyway, now I have two pairs that look exactly like this. One in a 18-24 month size, and one 3T.  Can I still count the smaller size for KCW, even if it's sewing for a baby that's not even here? :)




Natasha has requested a red pair, like Christopher Robin's. I think I can handle that! I have some vintage looking red print fabric that will work just fine. Perhaps a more feminine version. I was hoping to get that pair done (and a white shirt of some kind to match the outfit) in time for KCW, but alas. Yesterday was too nice outside, and we spent it blowing bubbles, playing hide and seek, pulling a few weeds, writing letters out on the picnic table, getting a sunburn, and hanging up laundry. I even swept and mopped the floor. It was a productive day, but not in the sewing department. :)

So I guess this concludes my first KCW challenge...with a grand total of three garments finished. Well, actually 4, but remember, that first pair of shorts won't fit Natasha now, and since she isn't shrinking, they will have to be for future babies! :)


  1. They turned out adorable! Bravo on enlarging the pattern. That fabric is fabulous, what type of fabric is it?

    1. I got this fabric *years* ago at a discount fabric store, and I believe it's 100% polyester. ?! I love the neutral color, and it's my attempt to incorporate less PINK in N's wardrobe!


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