Friday, March 29, 2013

Officially Spring

March 20th may have been the first day of spring, but it brought a lot of this:


Natasha and I both had colds, so I specifically asked Daniel to buy us a bouquet of flowers 'cause we desperately needed some sign of real spring inside.


To celebrate even further, we made chocolate cupcakes. We tried a new recipe (that's one of the main things keeping me from going crazy in the normalcy of kitchen life right now) and we even attempted icing them with flower shapes. That didn't go so well. I resorted to dots pretty quickly.


It was a good first day of spring.

Here's some more of those new recipes and the fun I've been having as chef.

{pork roast with orange glaze, shallot souffle, fried sweet potatoes}

{homemade gyros with leftover lamb meat and grain-free pita bread}



  1. The food looks super yummy! Your little girls.curls remind me of myself at that age;). I remember cold winters in Minnesota as a girl. Brr! Flowers are just the thing to boost optimism! Hope y'all are feeling better.
    Happy Easter.

  2. Replies
    1. Well, tonight I actually had it on the table and ready to eat before 6! I'm trying really hard to have meals more promptly, but this might have been on the too-early side of things. :)

  3. Enjoyed the flowers and food, and your daughter is sure growing. :)


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