Wednesday, March 20, 2013

For Our Princess

The last time Natasha attended "Children's Class" at church, the lesson was on David being anointed King by Samuel. All the children made little foil crowns and glued on little jewels. Hers didn't withstand much playing back here at home, and suddenly one morning she declared I needed to make her a new crown. That very day! After some looking on pinterest to get some ideas, I did indeed make her two new crowns that day. Here's what we ended up with!


I thought I'd be real creative and make it reversible, and only have one crown. But that was not Natasha's plan. She wanted two. Because she's two, of course! So I gave in and made her two separate ones. It was fun searching through my entire stash of odds and ends to find jewels and sparkly embellishments to sew on.


I didn't really follow a tutorial, just made it up as I went, but if you are interested in the specifics, I think this tutorial matches what I did pretty well.


Now, when she wears her "princess" dress, she has a crown to go with it. Actually, two. Because she's two. :)


  1. Kristen Leverton HelbertMarch 20, 2013 at 3:11 PM

    LOVE! I purchased a fabric crown very similar on Etsy for my niece. But Natasha's are made by her mommy. So special!! LOVE!

  2. Those look fun! You did a great job!


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