Friday, February 8, 2013

February 8th

"In My Hand"

Let me introduce you to my newest favorite stain remover. I had just about given up on two pink, particularly grape-juice stained shirts that are Natasha's favorites. I just get so discouraged seeing her wear stained clothes, but she loves them, and I didn't really want to "make them disappear" quite yet. I had tried stain removers from the store; Zout and Resolve didn't work. I figured those purple spots were there to stay. 

Then I read an article in an old Martha Stewart magazine about natural cleaning and saw this:

"Bleach Stains from Fabric: Hydrogen peroxide is a great alternative to chlorine bleach;
it dislodges stubborn stains and is safe on delicates as long as they are colorfast.
Place stained area in a bowl, and pour the peroxide onto the fabric.
Let soak at least 1 hour, then launder as usual."

It was definitely worth a try. I didn't exactly follow the soaking in a bowl directions... I just laid the shirts on the counter and poured the peroxide from the lid directly onto the spots. I left them there all day, replenishing it about 3 times total since it would dry out. Each time I could see the stain lessening and disappearing. 

I washed the shirts this morning, and the stains are basically gone! You can hardly tell they were there! I wish I had before and after pictures, but I don't. :( You'd think since those are about the only two shirts she wears that I'd have an odd picture somewhere of her wearing one, but I couldn't find one. So you'll just have to trust me. 
It worked, and I'm thrilled. 
And very impressed. 

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  1. Hydrogen peroxide works amazingly on blood. If you are quilting and prick your finger over white fabric, just drop a few drops on it and the offending spots disappear like magic. :)


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