Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6th

"A Challenge"

My hair. 
That's what I chose as my challenge. 
See, I generally like it a lot. Ever since I was little, I have braided and twisted and pinned and spent hours in front of the mirror trying new styles. But we don't always agree, my hair and me. I got bangs, and I usually like them. Till they drive me bonkers because they don't stay side swept like they're supposed to! 

Sometimes I wish my hair was curly or wavy. It's sometimes hard to embrace straight hair when most of the girls I know in the area all do the "curly girl" method. They do it because they have...CURLY hair! I mean, when I go to visit anyone overnight and happen to need to wash my hair, I could spend a good 5 minutes searching for shampoo. Searching because, curly girls only use conditioner and I always forget to take shampoo with me. But, I do like my straight hair, and am getting much better at appreciating it. :)

Since I put my hair up so much, cute hairstyles with layers and stuff aren't very practical. I turn right around and pin it all up and no one sees all the hard work the stylist did. So I do have a dilemma wanting to try something new and cute, but not knowing WHAT do try, to make it look like I did anything different! And then I get so bored with the same thing I've had my whole life, I practically cry.

Therefore, I have a challenge. :)


  1. I may be the only one, but I have curly hair and I use shampoo. My hair gets greasy, and by that I mean like diesel. truck. grease.... hmmm, I wonder why?! Shampoo for me is a must! :)

    I totally understand the challenge with hair- such familiar feelings!

  2. Diesel grease? Yep, I don't think conditioner only would cut it!


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