Monday, February 4, 2013

February 3rd and 4th

"A game"


Did everyone have a good weekend? Our Sunday was really nice. We attended one of our church's "LifeGroups" for the first time and met a lot of new couples. They're all around the same point in life, so I'm looking forward to attending more and getting to know some folks. 

Our afternoon/evening included some cuddling on Natasha's floor with little balls being dropped all over us, reading magazines, chocolate chip cookies, listening to Daniel play the dulcimer and watching Natasha dance. We tried to finish the evening with the newest White Collar episode, but alas. It only loaded to 34 min. and it's actually longer than that. So we didn't get to see the ending.

Now it's Monday again! Natasha and I are going to go play with the sister-in-laws in the snow soon. Last time (not the one I blogged about) I tried bundling Natasha up in snow clothes, she cried and fussed entire time and said her snow boots "look weird." I hope this time will be a little less tearful.

I'm thinking of doing a monday modest linkup next Monday, from TheNatos. (I really like her blog.)

Supper will be easy: Sloppy joes and mashed potatoes. 

The piano has so much dust I could date it. The shower hasn't been properly cleaned in months. The floor needs swept and the tile needs mopped. 

Enough randomness?

I'm off to enjoy the rest of the day!

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