Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 17th and 19th

"I wore..."



Did you notice I've been missing a few days? I told you it would happen!

I just laid Natasha down for the night, an hour after her usual bedtime. We did the whole bedtime routine, as usual: Get jammies on, brush teeth, wipe face, go potty, get a drink, say goodnight to Daddy, get tucked in, sing a song or two or three, pray and say goodnight. I leave, and now I'm listening to her bedroom door open and close. In fact, I just saw a little 3 foot high person run out into our bedroom. Why is it that she doesn't like to stay in bed after I tuck her in? Did you even want to know about all that? I don't know. But I just shared it, so you know it now...

Time to go do my own bedtime routine!


  1. I LOVE bedtime routines for kids. Tess's is very similar. :) It's great that they know what to expect, you know what to expect, and it mostly goes smoothly. :) Tess is still in her crib!! She is definitely agile enough to climb out of it -- I guess the thought just hasn't occurred to her. So we don't have a roaming preschooler yet.

    1. After we got back from Panama, we just put Natasha's crib mattress on the floor as her bed. When she isn't tired, she tends to wander a bit. ;) We just tell her if you're not tired, you can stay in your room and play till you get sleepy. It's not too long before it's all quiet and she has tucked herself in again.


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