Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Came

And now has apparently left. The fluffy white stuff you see here has now melted due to crazy 50+ degree weather, and all I can say is I hope it returns before March. I am one of those people who actually like winter and want snow to be present. Come March, I'll happily give in, and be ready to shed my winter coat. But till then, lets have cold and snow to go with it.

We played outside last week some, and made snow angels...


Tasted the snow...



And enjoyed it.



One of the other reasons I still want snow, is because those are new snowpants and new snow boots that Natasha got for Christmas, and they need their use! What if they don't fit next year?! I'm learning about children outgrowing clothes...


  1. They do outgrow their clothes so quickly at that age :) The snow is beautiful as is your precious little one. Funny I just read on another blog where the owner said..."Mother Nature must be in her Menopause" one minute..cold the next ..haha
    It does seem that way though,doesn't it? Most especially here in Texas. Blessings

  2. I hear that that is why you must have more than one kid- the new snow pants and new boots can be used again. :)

    This freezing and thawing thing is amazing, but compared to the steady snow that I grew up with, I find this is pretty neat!


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