Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pinterest Crafting

Christmas is over, but I couldn't show these projects before certain people received their gifts, so here they are now!

I think this was one of my very first ever pins on Pinterest:

So I finally made some! Kind of cute I think, and hopefully not too tacky looking. Natasha keeps wondering why they don't have eyes... I did add twig arms, but not before taking a picture.


For my Dad's homemade gift, I made a pillowcase printed with a old picture of his family.


 I used this tutorial and it worked great! The basic idea is to print the picture directly onto fabric, only you first iron the fabric to freezer paper to use as stabilizer for going through the printer. Then peel it off, and use the printed fabric however you wish! I had to do it a couple times before the printer started to cooperate. Third time was a charm! I didn't bother trying to waterproof it...as an experiment with my first two fails, I determined that the ink wasn't going anywhere by just getting water on it. The printer kind of smudged one corner so I tried using cold water to wipe away the stain, and it didn't help. Therefore, I decided that it would be okay without waterproofing it. Now, a complete washing might be hazardous, but I told Daddy not to wash it.

I even copied Grandma's handwriting from the original picture onto the bottom with a fine point Sharpie. :)


For the back of the pillowcase, I used a section of my Grandpa's dress shirts. By using the button-up part, it makes the pillowcase removable. But not for washing...as I already mentioned! Just...because the button part was cute and all. Did I remember to get a picture of the back? Nope. :(

This nightgown was not Pinterest inspired, however it is included in this post. I made it from old baby receiving blankets that Daniel's Grandpa gave us. I simply cut around the parts that had the hospital name printed on it. ;) Now Natasha really feels like Laura from "Little House" in her flannel nightgown.


I actually used a dress pattern from the 1980's I suppose, but ignored the zipper and made a back button opening instead. The name of whatever one of these is called is escaping me for some reason!


And...this last gift was for my sister. A couple zippered bags. I have made several of these in the past, but the lining always has exposed seams inside. Even though I serge them, and they look okay, this time I wanted to eliminate that, and have it completely smooth and purty inside. So I used a slightly different method. The houndstooth fabric was from one of my Grandma's aprons.



  1. Those are some really nice gifts Janel..isn't Pinterest fun? That little gown is very sweet...bet your little one looks precious in it....Blessings

  2. Kristen Leverton HelbertJanuary 15, 2013 at 8:03 PM

    You are so talented, Janel. Love seeing what you create. :)


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