Friday, January 11, 2013

My Wedding Bouquet

I have moved the box marked, "wedding bouquet" about 3 times too many. We are trying to downsize and especially after going through my Grandma's belongings after her death this past summer, I'm realizing things will not last. After 50+ years, some keepsakes don't mean as much to the person having to go sort through box after box of them.
Now, I fully understand the saving deal. I save...probably to much. I always have this grand idea that I will scrapbook each little airline ticket stub. Even though it's just a piece of paper, it can hold a really special memory. So I still have boxes of memories here that I don't plan to throw out.
My Grandma kept every birthday, anniversary, wedding, Christmas, Easter and Valentine card she ever received. As well as napkins from Halloween parties and so and so's wedding. I wish we would have gone through it when she was still around, so I could hear the stories and the memories that they held, but we didn't. Now, a lot of those things don't mean a thing to me and you simply can't keep boxes of dried out corsages from 65 years ago.
Yet I know my very own wedding bouquet was quickly coming to the same end as all Grandma's corsages!'s my wedding bouquet! And I didn't want to just ditch it. When I saw a this blog post from our wedding photographer, I knew this was my wedding bouquet's destiny.

So now I have a piece of my wedding bouquet, saved in a glass ball. I can get it out each Christmas, or leave it out all the time since it doesn't really look "Christmasy". But at least it's not a box of crumbled flowers I have to keep moving around!


And...fortunately, my florist used a mixture of cut flowers and artificial, so I still have some greenery that will always be green! For the hanger, I used the ribbon from the bow on the bouquet.


P.S. For those of you interested in doing this yourself, don't skimp on the rose petals. I kind of regret not doing a glass ball only of rose petals.

 I saw this after I already threw all my roses away, and now wished I would have done one like it. So I'm trying to comfort myself, saying mine is just as pretty, even though it's not 100% rose petals. *sniff*
(See why I'm still hesitant to throw things away?! I might want it later!) 


  1. That's a great idea. In the end I only hope to have a small box of more :) Blessings Friend

  2. Is that the bridal bouquet that should be thrown to the bridesmaids? Shouldn’t it be kept by the one who caught it? Anyway, I’m not an expert in wedding traditions, but I find this to be an excellent idea. Preserving a wedding bouquet in a ball or capsule – great way to turn your precious wedding bouquet into a little memento. Nan’s Blossom Shop

    1. I didn't have a bouquet to be thrown for bridesmaids, so this ornament was made from my personal bride's bouquet. :)


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