Friday, December 21, 2012


We happily awoke to a winter wonderland outside this morning. It was just like the movies or books, when children go to sleep and it's raining, and awake to snow everywhere. was even the packing kind, that makes perfect snowballs without much work the first try. (Unlike most of my childhood memories of trying to make snowballs from the fluffy kind of snow that just blows. The good packing snow usually came in the spring, not on the first GOOD snowfall.) I was ecstatic, especially since we didn't have any snow all last winter since it does not snow in Central America.

So right off, we "bundled" up and went outside for Natasha to discover making footprints, snowmen and snowballs. I introduced her to a new way of making snowmen:

But she had more fun throwing snowballs at me.


Basically, she just picked up the ones I threw at her, but she loved it.


Giggling the whole time, she came running after me and pelted my skirt. All went well till she must have realized that the snow in her boots was cold and instantly decided it was time to go in.


Welcome winter. We're ready for you.

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