Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Tour

Of our house from the outside front walk...
(That's my wee little grapevine tree. I tore out vines from the wooded area behind our house and wound them around three tomato stakes tied with twine at the top. Then I stuck them in the soft ground so it wouldn't topple, and hopefully it will stay standing all winter. I can't wait to let Natasha help me put lights on it for Christmas! And this is a very long parentheses explanation, so I'll stop now and move on.)

...into the kitchen and my *favorite chalkboard antique purchase ever*...
(I attempted to duplicate this type of chalkboard design.) my favorite old shelf found in the rafters of my Grandma's garage...
(The hand print wreath was a craft Natasha and I did. This one was an original design. Meaning, I didn't see it on Pinterest or someone's blog...I just wanted to do it. While on the Pinterest bunny-trail, Natasha is already getting the hang of it. She'll sit on my lap and while I scroll, she'll say, "Can we make that? I bet we can. Can we make that? Yes! We can!")

...around the corner to the last and largest crosstitch project I did.
(It was completed before Natasha arrived!)

Finally, a wee peek in the bathroom. I hung this empty frame this past summer, but finally added the silk flowers to make it look like I actually cared. :)

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

p.s. This was supposed to post all by itself earlier this week...before Thanksgiving. But, it didn't. So before I get out my Christmas decorations (because I DO make it wait till after Thanksgiving), I thought I'd slip this rather fallish post in. :)

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  1. I love your sweet hand print wreath..and I had to smile thinking of your little one up in your lap viewing Pinterest with you...reminds me of my little grands doing the same...blessings


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