Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November's 11 on the 11th

Except, I didn't get 11 pictures. Only ten. Close enough I'd say!

:: Driving to church ::
2012-11-11 09.54.26

:: At church ::
2012-11-11 10.49.32

:: Final hymn ::
2012-11-11 11.44.35

:: Grocery shopping after church ::
2012-11-11 12.39.03

:: A walk in the woods ::
2012-11-11 14.59.24

:: We three ::
2012-11-11 15.15.38

:: We were well protected by Natasha and her gun ::
2012-11-11 15.25.55

:: Praying at suppertime ::
2012-11-11 17.28.40

:: Crepes for Sunday evening dessert ::
2012-11-11 18.42.10

:: Watching Natasha jump, holding onto her, "Deep legs" ::
2012-11-11 19.50.48

Post Scripts for each picture:
1. The last time the 11th fell on a Sunday, we were in Panama. And, we didn't drive ourselves to church! See here for March's 11 on the 11th and a Panamanian Sunday, including a taxi ride to church.
2. We have been attending the largest church I've ever attended. This picture doesn't show near the amount of people in the congregation, for only one service, but you can see the large choir! This church may be large, and a little less intimate as far as fellowship, but for the first time in a long time I've actually anticipated Sunday coming. Daniel and I both have benefited from the Pastor's messages and I come away rejuvenated and refreshed for the week ahead.
3. One of the things I love about this church, is how they mix traditional hymns and the more modern praise and worship songs. They seem to have a real knack for it. I mean, we use a screen with the song words for the worship time and there is a "praise band". But, it's not a rock concert and they bring in various other instruments, (like once there was a solo cellist) and it's all done in a humble and God honoring manner. Anyway, for the closing of the service, the pastor led us in reading the first verse of "Grace Greater Than Our Sin" and we sang the last verse acappella.
4. Some things never change, whether you're in Panama or the States. At least for us, we grocery shop while we're in town, and it usually happens to be on Sunday after church. We stocked up on cottage cheese, as you can see.
5. After Sunday dinner, we went to the local nature preserve and walked some.
6. Daniel showed us how to climb trees and we sat on a log for a family portrait.
7. Natasha carried a big stick and shot deer and turkeys along the way.
8. At supper, she thanked the Lord that she was able to go to the woods and carry her gun and shoot a bear with a pig in its paws. (Can you tell we've been reading "Little House in the Big Woods"?)
9. I used my Grandma's china serving dish for the first time in honor of our special Sunday night treat: Crepes with cream cheese and fruit on top. They were awfully good!
10. And, we had family join us for the yumminess! So after the plates were cleared away, we laughed at the antics of a two year old. For some reason, Natasha has this game of standing on the stool, holding the backs of her thighs then jumping off saying, "I have to hold my deep legs". If any of you can enlighten us as to what exactly that means, we'll have you over for crepes. ;)

Lastly, all these pictures are from Daniel's phone. It's one thing to take a big dslr camera to church in Panama, where you're expected to be taking pictures of everything that is different since you're a "tourist". But I didn't feel like doing it here for this particular Sunday. :)

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