Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Little Piggy Tails

Natasha's hair can be...as Bill Bryson put it, "Very happy. It always looks like its having a party."  :) 
So, we made a special little shopping trip in search of those famous fuzzy bands for little girl's hair. And boy, did we find them! 300 for a dollar at the dollar store. 

She wanted a pink and a red one for the first test run.



Then the remaining 298 became the newest play thing! She was "eating" them, "planting" them and dancing all over them for the next couple days. Now they reside happily and colorfully in a pint jar.


One final picture...of Natasha and her "gun". I think she's aiming at a turkey... 


And just since we're on a roll of cute things happening around here, currently she is wearing a shirt wrong side out and backwards, playing car and trying to climb to the back of our armchair. 
All the while talking to herself saying:
"Hmm. That is hard. I can't do it. Let me try this. That helps. Let me try it again for the driver seat. I looked down, but I could not see. I went in the driver seat now I drived to the owl's place where it lives. I bended down a little bit to eat supper. MmmHmmm. Need to do someping new with the owl. hopscotch. That is what I will do. I asked my sister if she would play hopscotch. She was in her house. In here? Yep! In the kitchen! Can I play hopscotch? Yes, said my sister. With Huckleberry Pie. She splashed into a mud puddle! She danced into the car! She bounced into the mud puddle again!" 
And so she goes on her merry way, narrating her play. :)


  1. Maria used to call those little hair bands "curly curlies" (which was also her name for Cheetos that you eat....). She loved it when her hair was finally long enough to have me put them in! Her hair was about Natasha's color and kind of curly like that, too.

    Oh, I miss my little girlies!!!


  2. ohhhhhhhhh my goodness! - I LOVE the "dialogue" :D

  3. I love every bit of this, Janel!


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