Thursday, November 1, 2012

For Ellie and Angie

Daniel's cousin Angie, and her husband Rob, are expecting their first baby this month. We are all SO excited and thrilled beyond words for them. You know that verse in 1 Samuel that says, "For this child I prayed..."? Well, that is certainly the verse for them. Little Ellie has been prayed for even before she was on her way.

In preparation for her arrival, I made a few things for Angie's baby shower last month. I really had a lot of fun getting the gift ready and thinking back to what I used most when Natasha was wee. Almost makes me wish for a newborn in our home again. Almost. ;) My list kept growing with things I could have added, but I limited myself to the top three: Diaper covers, a wet bag, and nursing pads.

First off, diaper covers in three different sizes. (Babies grow fast, you know.) 
Not all dresses come with panties, and they're just handy to have around.

My Grandma's old embroidered linens came in handy for embellishment, 
and I didn't have to embroider one stitch!


I found it very helpful, whether or not I was using cloth diapers, to have a wet bag in the diaper bag. For dirty diapers when a wastebasket wasn't around, and even now for wet swimming suits or damp panties, etc... I knew I wanted to make one with the zipper on the front side, rather than the top, like so many tutorials out there. For some reason I couldn't think it out in my mind, so I searched till I found a tutorial that showed how it was done. Once I saw what the difference was, I sort of had the, "Duh, Janel!" moment, and started sewing.
I used Meg's wet bag tutorial.


Finally, for a breastfeeding momma, nursing pads are quite a necessity. I used some disposable ones as well as reusable cloth ones during those first few weeks of nursing, and I know you can go through a lot. 
So I made a stack of them!

The fabrics I use for absorbency, water-proofness and softness, 
include one layer of each of the following:
 Cotton knit
Bamboo Terry 
                                    Hemp (holds a lot of moisture!)
                                  PUL (polyurethane laminate)
I just cut circles out of everything and serged the edges.  

Blessings once again, to Angie and Rob and little Ellie!


  1. Such wonderful gifts...I am sure mama was very pleased..Congrats to the family...babies are such a blessing indeed....blessings friend

  2. <3 Of course, I am thrilled with all of these wonderful gifts! I didn't know the embroidery was from your grandma's linens... that makes them even more special!!! All of these things are in their proper place and ready to be used (in about 2 weeks!!!!) Thank you again.

    ^And to Shelley... thank you for the congrats! She is truly our little miracle!


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