Thursday, October 25, 2012


I made these for the second time last night and they turned out so good. 
Sometimes giving up grains makes me sad because I think I can't eat anything like we used to. But I'm learning that a lot of other folks are using alternative flours and they have more time (or umph) to experiment with cooking. So I just benefit from all their hard work and get to enjoy the yumminess. :)

Fortunately for me, someone in the experimenting department came up with a grain-free version of popovers

Please excuse the wimpy little one in the corner. That's all the leftover batter, and it wasn't enough for a full one, and so it looks kind of sunken, compared to the others. And for some reason I didn't turn the pan around to take a picture of those that aren't sunken on the other end.


They are incredibly easy to make, and if you serve them hot and straight from the oven (like you're supposed to!) butter melts inside. Drizzled with some honey, and you have yourself a delicious popover.


P.S. This doesn't really go with popover theme much, but I've got to give my Dad a big pat on the back today. October 25th marks the day he started work as a Health Sanitarian, and this year marks 20 years that he's been with the same Health Department. 
       He has not only inspected swimming pools, mobile home parks, dog bites, campgrounds, new homes for sewer installations, school cafeterias, temporary food licenses at the fair (and every festival imaginable in the county), but the usual restaurants as well. Even peaking over our shoulders at home, to see how we're sanitizing the dishes and how hot the food is! 
       I'm awfully proud of him, and my only piece of advice to him is: Daddy, it's time to retire now, right? *wink*
Congratulations for a job well done...for 20 years!!  


  1. Can you please share why you are not eating grains anymore? I'm just curious about this, especially in light of my chronic fatigue issues.

    Thank you,

    Dee in Sunny FL! :)

  2. Dee, Thanks for stopping by! I've asked Daniel, my husband, to do a guest post on the whole grain issue. He was the one who first introduced it to our family and has done a lot more research on the topic, so he knows the real whys and everything. I get kind of vague and scattered, so hopefully he can explain it in more detail. I will add my thoughts too, so hang in there! So sorry to hear about the fatigue problems. :( I wish I could help, and maybe when we get our post up on this, it might! Cheers, Janel

  3. Thanks, Janel!

    I look forwared to his post. I found your blog through the Yoders' homeschooling blog. :) Thank you for your kind words.



    ps My eldest daughter's name is Janielle, a little similar. Though it's pronounced like Danielle with a J, most people call her Janel. ;)


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