Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September's 11 on the 11th

This might just be a record for my little photography series! The day after, and I actually have the pictures ready!

Yesterday I hosted a sewing day for my sister-in-laws and a couple good friends. It was totally a selfish plot: I needed to sew, and wanted sewing company. It worked! The girls came, we sewed, we talked, we ate. :) Found out afterwards that September is National Sewing Month. Well, how about that!!

:: Morning Sunshine ::

:: One word: BACON! ::

:: Mending ::

:: Salad Prep ::

:: Lunch ::

:: Handwork ::

:: Naomi's new top ::

:: Grain-free Lemon Bars, in my Great-Grandma's berry dishes ::

:: Driving to get my little girlie, who was with her Aunties and Nanna for the day ::
(No fear, I didn't take the picture while driving. Credit to my sis-in-law, Naomi, for snapping this from the back seat.)

:: New color on my toes ::

:: A freshly mowed yard ::

It was a great day and I did get a fair amount of sewing related items crossed off my list. Several things mended, a new bathroom curtain finished, and some bloomers started for Natasha.

In blogging news, this is my 201st post here on SimplyNel! It's always fun to know who all reads all my life news, so if you've never introduced yourself, here's your chance! Just leave a comment and for fun, tell me what you love best about Autumn. It's coming soon, and it is by far, my favorite time of year.

My favorite thing is, apple cider, pumpkins, the colors of the trees, the crisp, cooler weather, layering clothes once again, frost in the morning, and oops... that was definitely more than one thing. So if you have more than one favorite, I give you the freedom to list it all! Ha!


  1. Thanks for letting me know that September is National Sewing month. I had no idea! Some of the ladies and I are meeting tomorrow evening at church to sew some Christmas stockings for charity...I will have to let them all know that. It also encourages me to start a sewing project I have been putting off. I did do some hand sewing last night though. I enjoyed seeing your pictures...looks like the day was a very nice one...I did look for little Natasha at the table though :) I love everything there is to love about is my favorite season as well....blessings

  2. Looks like such a fun day! What a good idea :)

  3. not sure how I came to read your blog but I love it. you have such a nice presence.

    my favorite thing about autumn or this time in general is the sense of renewal. I don't know if it was born from the idea of a new school year, etc. but I just love how fresh I feel and bursting to do things. Maybe it is the harvest ramping up. Anyhow, the weather is glorious and I love it!

  4. Judy (the other one)September 24, 2012 at 10:34 PM

    The Wednesday knitting ladies from Ohio miss you.

    I am writing from southeastern Kentucky where I am visiting my daughter and her family. They have moved to his family's property, from city living to a very poor area, and are having the time of their lives, gardening, raising chickens, ducks, geese, and pigs. It is so neat to see the children chasing the ducks rather than worrying about them running out into a city street. Except for the snakes ....

    Fall is my favorite time because of the sense of homecoming.


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