Thursday, August 23, 2012

Top of the Piano

Here is one of my latest decorating changes, which I'm really, really liking right now:

I went to the crawl space a while ago to fetch this cake stand thinking we might use it for our girl's midsummer party. Turns out, we didn't need it, but I didn't feel like returning it underground! 
I've seen several pictures of cake stands being used for more than cakes, so I had to come up with something to display in it. 
Old thread in a color theme of white, cream and blue. 

Pinterest pressure got hold of me this spring, and I bought some succulents. 
Specifically, some hens and chicks. I've actually kept them alive all summer, till this past week and a half. I must have watered them too much, and they are looking a wee bit droopy. You'd think I could keep my hands off of a plant that prefers to live in rocky, dry soil, and you know, forget to water it!

Back in the kitchen, we got my shelf up some time ago, and this is how it's been ever since. 
I'm about to take the Fourth of July banner down though, and exchange it for some doilies or something. :)
What are your favorite decorating themes right now? :)


  1. I love what you have done...your style is so simple and not fussy..much like mine...the cake stand idea was pretty.I also love your favorite color at this favorites change from time to time :) Thanks for sharing your home today....blessings

  2. When I have a house, I hope I can decorate just like you!!!


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