Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Hobo Sack Gift Bag

We went to a lovely little surprise birthday party for Melody last month, and as I was getting her gift ready, I realized my selection of gift bags is finally diminishing. I whittled it down before we moved, and that was good thing. So as I kept gathering things to give her, my original gift bag kept getting too small. Yep, a few items were re-gifted from wedding shower gifts, we did tell Melody, and yes, we all laughed about it at the party. Turns out, we weren't the only ones re-gifting gifts! It was grand. :)

So, I decided to use some fabric and make her a reusable bag, and trust me, this was a lot cuter than the too-small paper one.

It wasn't without its little headaches though, so we won't talk about how the ruffle was supposed to go at the top, or how the monogrammed "M" didn't work out at all, and how the final embellishment had way too many serger-thread-straggles.


We will instead look at the cute dotted lining:

And, the lovely plantain we added:

You can make your own hobo sack gift bag using Dana's instructions. :)

In other sewing news, my shower curtain got delayed because I made box liners for my storage boxes. The ones that hold all the odds and ends for the utility room shelves. That's right, the shelves I mentioned a couple posts ago are up, and looking fabulous! I will show you sometime...
Also, I am needing new skirts. So I cut out a new skirt yesterday, and the shower curtain will just have to wait. I added 2 inches in length to the one on the model below, and am hoping I have the correct size. I am winging it this time, and didn't do a muslin first. (!)

Will keep you updated! I have so many recent sewing things to show you...but they all aren't photographed. 

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