Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Day at the Park

I should say, at the mall too, but I didn't get pictures of that part. :)

It just so worked out that a friend and her little girls were able to spend the day with Natasha and me this past Monday, while her husband was at a job interview. (Maybe she'll be moving up here like us too!) It had been about 9 months since we'd seen each other, way before we went to Panama, and I'd not even met her youngest daughter! So we met up, packed the girlies in the back seat of our Volvo and had a good time catching up with one another.

I met Chihiro when Natasha and her little girl, Christina, were about 6 weeks and 12 weeks old. We were in a MOPS group together, and have stayed in touch even after our move. I never expected we'd be able to spend the day together like this, and since I've only live here a few months, I hardly know the area that I was showing her around in! But we did discover a nice park together, and had lunch in a shady shelter house.

Since we have never had a stroller, Natasha had a fun time pushing Christina around some:



It was such fun meeting Chihiro's baby, Liese. She's 8 months old, and just a sweetie. I rather liked holding her, and might have just hogged her a wee bit. ;) At one point, when we were at the mall, I was happily walking around with Liese on my hip, holding Natasha's hand at the same time. You know those full length mirrors that appear every once and a while on a store pillar? Well, I thought I looked pretty good with a toddler and a baby! ;) 

Chihiro's husband was kind enough to snap a picture of just us two Mommas, before they hurried home again. :) It's my newest favorite picture!

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