Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We're back!

We said goodbye to my sister's little dog on November 14th, 2011:


And on April 25th, 2012, we said hello to Corkie again! (Didn't plan this at all, but Natasha happened to be wearing the same outfit on both occasions!)


We said hello to family too. It was grand. :)


Natasha got to gather eggs:


And we visited a couple great-grandmas, and played with beads:



Also, witness the putting in of one's false teeth: Boy, we laughed at this momentous occasion and Natasha's reaction!!


      So, we have been back in the States for almost 2 weeks now, and it's been surprisingly easy to transition  back into "regular life". Like, I thought we'd have a little more culture shock and be surprised at things. But it's not that bad. The biggest adjustment has been how long it stays light in the evenings. In Panama, we would have Natasha close the door so mosquitoes wouldn't come in, around 6:30, when it started to get dark. Here, when we think it's about 7 p.m. it's actually 9!
      Oh, and transportation. For 5 months, I only left Boquete once or twice. Now, we hardly think a thing of hopping in the car and driving 15 minutes here, or half an hour there, from this little town to another little town. It would take HOURS to walk the same distance! And there's no reason to ride a bus. Of course, there aren't any buses in the country, and we do have our own car now, so that's a huge change.

     We do miss the home we used to live in before going to Panama, but it was for sale anyway, so we can't return to it. That means we are house hunting, and still living out of suitcases and wearing the same clothes we've worn all winter. {Read: Tired of the same outfits and ready to have a dresser again.} Fortunately, our families love us and have opened their homes to us for a while. :) They say we can stay as long as we need to, but they might change their minds the more of their beef we eat!

More pictures of our current life, coming soon.


  1. Love the pictures....I too say Welcome back....blessings on your house hunt.


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