Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's Mother's Day!

In searching for a good picture of me and my mom, this was the only one that I found, in which we both were featured, without a whole bunch of others included. I even went back through my pictures all the way to the 4th of July, but still didn't find any! {This must be remedied next time I see my Mom!}
However, the one I DID find is a pretty good representation of the happy reunion we had after being gone for 5 months. We were both crying happy tears, and it's okay, 'cause we're women. ;) I missed my Mom, as you might imagine.


I'm a Momma now too, so Mother's Day is a double celebration. We make a pretty happy little Momma and daughter, aye?


But I'm not going to lie. Mothering is hard and sometimes life is like this:


But God's grace covers a multitude of funny life experiences and tricky mommying adventures. :)

So Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, my mother-in-law, and all my grandmas. And, thank you Natasha, for making me a Momma!


  1. What a sweet photo... hugs and a reunion. Happy Mothers Day.

  2. Aww...I love the picture of you and Natasha!!!


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