Friday, April 6, 2012

March Collage

I haven't decided what type of scrapbooking method fits me best. And until I get back to all my "real life" scrapbooking, I thought this was an easy way to compile a month's event's in scrapbook form. Just select 6 or 7 pictures from the month and make a collage with Picasa. Easey peasy. Now, will I actually print this and "scrapbook" around it? I don't know yet. There are too many keepsakes like receipts from our first grocery shopping trip here, empty spice packages, Panamanian birthday party invitations and pinata decorations and so on, that I want to keep and incorporate with the scrapbook pages! Will I ever get it done? Who knows. I'm still working on scrapbooking our wedding. Gracious sakes!


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  1. Such natural pictures ... they look so pretty


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