Monday, April 2, 2012

A Bit of Sketching

I haven't done much drawing at all recently. Like, less than I could count on one hand since we got married. Not long before we moved to Panama, I did spend an evening with my sister-in-laws sketching and attempting to copy some pictures from books, and it was then that I realized how much I enjoyed it. (Actually, when I showed my drawing of a Jersey milk cow to Daniel, he was rather surprised and said, "You drew this?! Guess there's always something new to learn about your spouse!)

But, months pass, and soon you forget all over again how much fun it is. Well, Lynette did some drawing when she was here, and I was reminded that I should do it more often too.

The other day when I went up to get some laundry from our landlord's veranda, Margaret was at the table, with a cup of coffee. She apologized for being a little absent minded, but went on to explain that her older brother, from Canada, had just passed away the day before on his 81st birthday. I sat and talked with her for a while, and remembered that when others mourn, mourn with them. You don't have to say anything eloquent, but simply be there and have a listening ear.

So in mind of her hurt, I took out a pencil and did a little drawing as a sympathy card:



  1. Great job!! You have talent.

  2. Very sweet and very good....blessings on your week dear.

  3. That was sweet of you to do ... nice drawing!


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