Sunday, March 4, 2012

Walking and Talking

It's almost been a month since my sister came to Panama, but I still am thinking how wonderful it was to have her here. We girls (including our friend Kristen, who became like a sister while here!) had such great chats and conversations while cooking, walking and everything in between. We talked about our families, music, clothes, hair and church. Just like girls do.

On our last walk, Kristen got some pictures of Tiff and me. (And Natasha, who was along for the ride.)




Tiff, we'll be back soon, and can have more chats, okay? :)


  1. Such a pretty view. I bet having your sister there is a lot of fun.

  2. nice story , love to hear about your life. Happy Sunday and glad you had those times with your family, so precious!

  3. Nice the picture of you and your little one in her sweet...blessings

  4. Special thanks to your husband for making and arranging all the plans for Kristin and me to come down! Miss you; can hardly wait for you to come home. <3


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