Saturday, March 10, 2012

Time in the Kitchen

Afternoons are Natasha's hardest time of day. Mornings are best, when she can easily amuse herself, but come 2 p.m. and thereafter, it can get rough. A nap would do wonders, but then she doesn't go to bed easily and Daniel and I don't get any us time at all during the day. (Two nights of trying to watch a movie with a toddler crawling all over us cured us of attempting a nap AND a decent bedtime.)
So to help the afternoons pass happier, I've taken to having her help me cook. Sure, it takes longer, and I have a lot more messes to clean up, (yay for tile!), but we do have fun.

The other day we made meatloaf:




Note to self: Make a mini-sized apron.
And remove all clean silverware from within arms reach, or else they will all be dirty again when a little girl decides she needs yet another different spoon to stir with.


  1. So cute!!! I really do miss you guys BTW!!!

  2. oh this makes me smile. i love to cook with my boys and it DOES take longer, it DOES make a mess (thanksgiving this year my 6 pies i make yearly twice as long because i let my almost 2 yr old help). BUT it is so worth it!

  3. Too cute - looks like she's really enjoying helping!

  4. I love the fact that you have included your little one in the kitchen. As enjoyable as it is, I think we both know the frustration that can also accompany a little one in the kitchen. Take a deep breath and know it will take 30 minutes longer is my thinking. Sweet photographs!


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