Friday, March 30, 2012

March 30th!

Today is one of my very bestest friends birthday! We met, oh I don't know how many, years ago... Oh wait. I think it was 11 years ago and we were both 14ish. My sister and I picked strawberries with Ida's family one spring, and although we knew what hard work was, we learned it in a new way from Ida's family. We're talking 12+ hours in a hot field, doing back breaking work. But that's where our friendship really began and we really got to know one another. We shared stories, talked about books, our past, our future, what we believed, and we laughed a lot. :)


Ida's family moved a couple states away when we were 16. It was tough. They were the only ones we really hung out with and it was a huge void. But we have stayed in touch and kept the U.S. Postal Service busy with maybe hundreds of letters sent back and forth. We continue to share what we're learning, what we're doing, our hopes, goals and all the *stuff* that goes along with life. And trust me, each of our families has had our ups and downs! The good and the bad, we share it in letters. (Oh, and a few phone calls.)


We have managed a few visits too, and just before we left to come to Panama, I was completely shocked and surprised when she pulled into the driveway for one last visit. Her family is known for not being on time, or coming at the last minute, (don't worry, they know it, so I'm not sharing anything new!) and her visit was indeed at the last minute. :) These pictures were taken the last full day we had in the States! It was the perfect going-away gift, and I count it a privilege to have such a friend. She always has something new to tell me and I have learned so much from her.


So, Happy 25th Birthday Ida!!

P.S. Did you get my birthday letter from Panama? :) :)

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  1. Lovely post!!! And I love the fact that even though you don't see each other much, you still write letters and keep in touch. Whenever ANOTHER friend moves away I'm scared we'll eventually just forget about each other.


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