Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cherish, Dream, Live

This handwork isn't mine, but my Mom's! She embroidered it onto a handkerchief of my Grandpa's, and sent it with my sister, for my birthday.

I love how it so simply captures our life right now. I am cherishing days gone by, looking forward to the future and what it holds and trying to live today to the fullest.

I'm also reminding myself that living today to the fullest doesn't necessarily mean that I'm doing anything extraordinary or new. I may not even be enjoying the daily grind and everyday normalcy! But if I giggle at least once at something my little girlie does, or share a good conversation with my husband, notice the sun shining in the pine needles and appreciate clean clothes drying on the clothesline, that is a day to be treasured. God's grace covers all the little flukes of my ordinary, maybe even boring day. :)


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