Sunday, February 19, 2012

Her First Burn

She must be getting taller. Or more inquisitive. Or both. Anyway, when I was cooking, Natasha reached up and touched the side of the electric skillet, ever so briefly with her index finger. She didn't cry much at all, but quick pulled away and signed "hot". Um, yep, it's hot! So we sat in the chair and played with a package of frozen sausages for a while.



Photo credits to my sister who was visiting and was able to capture the administration of first aid.


  1. Ouch... I am always burning myself in the kitchen and having the little one in there always makes me so nervous. Glad she was just fine.

  2. Aww, tell her I'm sorry, and that I got a nasty one the other day too.

  3. Oh poor thing!! It's always tough when little kiddos get hurt :( Glad she didn't seem to mind too much!

  4. Ahh!!! A lesson she likely wont forget. Nanna sends a kiss!


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