Friday, February 24, 2012

Established: 2-23-2008

Yesterday marked our 4th wedding anniversary! We had a quiet little celebration here at home, with a tag-a-long 22 month old. We had homemade pizza and a glass bottle of Coca-Cola. (Fun, aye? A glass bottle!) After the wee one was asleep, we watched Sense and Sensibility. Yep, I know. I married a pretty special guy. ;)


My sister-in-law, Naomi was kind enough to ask if she could send anything with my sister, when Tiffany came for a visit earlier this month. Naomi has a Silhouette machine (Can't wait to get back to the States and use it. May I, Naomi? Pretty please?) and she used it to cut out several intricate silhouettes for us. Here's one of my favorites. I thought it was quite appropriate for our anniversary!
For the font, I traced it from the laptop screen, and for the first time ever, I burned the edges a piece of paper. If I had my druthers, none of this would be taped to a section of cardboard, and truthfully, I think the lace looks a little tacky. But. I'm not being too picky right now, when I don't have a Hobby Lobby right around the corner.


Daniel and I have decided that although our first year of marriage was wonderful, each year after that has gotten better and better. :) I won't go all mushy-gushy on you, but, "I do not attempt to deny that I think very highly of him - that I greatly esteem him... I like him." Although I would have to insert the word, "love" in place of "like". :)


  1. Awww...lovely post!!! And I liked the quote from S and S!!!

  2. Congratulations....Lovely picture of you two. I love that movie....blessings

    1. It had been years since I had seen it, so it was quite enjoyable. :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!! I recognize that quote!! :) My guy watches it with me as well.

  4. I very like. I like the silhouette, (silhouette machine?! how cool!), I like the picture, and I really, really like your sentiments about your husband and marriage. :)

  5. :) both pic's are adorable!! i like how you used the ppl silhouette.
    And i will let you use my silhouette "machine" when you move back to the states!I really cant wait till ya'll get back, miss you to the moon and back ;)


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