Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Royal Weddings

When I was packing up all our stuff before the big move, I came across this magazine that my Mom saved from the "first" royal wedding.


Of course, this was shortly after the most recent royal wedding,
so it was kind of fun to discover.
Pretty neat, aye?


Notice, I had to actually create a new category for this post.
Royal weddings just don't come up that often on my blog,
so I now have a "random" category.
Maybe I'll discover more randomness in my life to fill up the category!


  1. Very cool. I LOVED watching clippings from both weddings on You-tube. (And of course drooling over pictures of the dresses.) (Diana's was NOT my favorite.) =)

  2. I watched the first Royal wedding on t.v.. Turns out Diana is really only a few years older than I am!! Too bad her marriage wasn't nearly as beautiful as her wedding was.

  3. Both weddings were beautiful in their own way. :) Mom said she watched the first one on TV too. Tiff got to see William and Kate's, but I slept in. I did catch the "official kiss" on the internet though.

  4. That's awesome! I am obsessed with the royal wedding stuff!


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