Saturday, December 10, 2011


The little grocery around the corner has a couple of Christmas trees propped by the door on the sidewalk outside. I stick my nose in them occasionally to remember the smells of Christmas. The first time I did so, it made me cry.

Christmas is definitely going to be different this year.



  1. Whatever reason for your Blue Christmas feelings...I pray God bless you with Christmas Joy overflowing from your heart....God bless your sweet home and family. I stick my nose in those beautiful live trees as well....I always want to bring one home and decorate it but,they are to expensive for me....maybe next year :)

  2. Evergreen is definitely the smell of Christmas for me too! We always had a real tree when I was little, but haven't had that smell around the house for a long time. I found a *real* wreath this year for $3! That was one of the quicker buying decisions. :)


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