Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ruffled Embellished Shirt: Fail

Okay. So this spring, I got a nice t-shirt at Kohl's. Decided I needed a couple more, and went back for different colors. But, the second time round, I didn't try them on, and somehow, a medium charcoal, was NOT the same as a medium white.
It was too big.

So, being the seamstress that I am, I just sewed up the side seams and the shoulder seams and tried to make it work. Oh, I also added a little bit of fabric to the V-neckline...modesty, you know.

Then I wore it while cooking without an apron. And...lets just say the grease on the stove got out of hand.
I had serious stains all over the front.

BUT, not wanting to give up, I decided to cover up the stains and make a cute embellished top like I've seen so many others do.

I cut up an old t-shirt, and made ruffles. I sewed them on in a
{what I thought was a pleasing design}
and covered the stains in the process!

Daniel thought my "pleasing design" looked like a snake.
So I took the ruffles off and started over.

But it still was too big. And the ruffles were very heavy when I wore the shirt, and it just made me grumpy every time I wore it.


And the shoulders were still puckering, after trying to make the too-big-medium fit properly.



So, I gave it to Goodwill. And these pictures are all we have left of the charcoal embellished shirt.


  1. For grease stains my go-to laundry aids are Dawn dish detergent and Lestoil. Neither are particularly earth-friendly...but just thought I'd share.

  2. Thank you for being brave to share this! I've had similar times before. Sorry but I had to laugh that it made you "grumpy." Oh dear!

  3. "ugh. more ugh." haha!
    I think you could have swung it! :) Maybe it was just because the type of ruffling stood up too much. If you ever get the urge again, just try something flatter! I can just imagine you ending up making something reeeeeally cute!

  4. It's definitely not the ugliest thing ever! :) I agree with Lauren, try flatter.


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