Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Growing Girlie




A big thanks to all of you who introduced yourself on my 101st post! I've known some of you for years, and there were a few I didn't know at all! So thank you for taking the time to say hi. :)
It was super fun to know who was lurking behind those computer screens.

If you missed all the fun, you're not too late. Just stop by anytime and say "hey"!
And if you want, share with us your favorite kind of ice cream. :)

Mine, is, did I mention this before? Chocolate peanut butter. It is so much my favorite, that I make my own in dire situations. So, if we only have chocolate, I dip the spoon in a jar of peanut butter, then the ice cream. Works like a charm.
Ya'll can keep your chocolate chip mint. Bleh.


  1. Cute pictures! I LOVE the second one!!! =)

  2. Just wanted to drop by and say thank you so much for your sweet birthday wish...your little one is so precious...they do grow ever so fast...cherish each day as she grows and matures ...I remember these very words shared with me many years ago from a wise lady whom,I had never met before as I shopped at the market with my three little ones at my side....I never will forget the look on her face. Now,I often wonder what the thoughts behind her eyes were saying. What memories of pain or happiness prompted her words. I do cherish the memories of my wee ones and am so proud of each of them as grown children today....blessings dear Nel.

  3. She is getting tall..... Love her expresions! Adorable!

  4. Wow, what sweet pictures. Natasha is so cute!

    My internet access has been sporadic lately, so I was unable to comment before, but my favorite ice cream flavor is S'more. I think it's basically vanilla ice cream with chocolate chunks, graham cracker bits, and marshmallows. Veeeery yummy! :)


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