Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Toddler Wrap Skirt

Did you catch that? I said toddler. Rather than baby. Oh my...
It somehow seemed more appropriate, because she toddles everywhere.


So this skirt was actually a boppy cover.
(You know, those funny U shaped pillows you wrap around yourself and prop the baby on so you can nurse easier.)
But it turned out too small and didn't even fit the pillow.
So I made another.

But anyway, I had this useless "boppy cover" sitting in the fabric scrap pile and as I got to looking at it, I decided I could make a cute skirt for Natasha. I used the inner "U" part as the waistline, and the outer edges just fell into a nice circle-style skirt shape.

I added bias tape around the whole thing, and made it an adjustable wrap-style skirt, with 5 buttons at the waistline.


The only funky thing about it is, with a cloth diaper, it comes up kind of high in the back.
I mean, see that funny ledge her hand is resting on? Good grief!
That's all the padding in a cloth diaper!
If she wears this out and about, I might just put disposable on lessen the diaper bum. ;)


*love* her tummy.



  1. Awww...Janel, that skirt is ADORABLE!!! And Natasha is so CUTE!!! The second picture looks like she is posing like a real model. :-)

  2. Oh my...That's SO cute!!! (So is she!) =) I love how she has her hands behind her back in the third picture! =)


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