Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Hidden Till Dusk"

Theme: Hidden Objects
Hidden Till Dusk

The Evening Primrose flower is really a magical little plant. You can literally watch the petals untwist at dusk, just like fast-forward-flowers on a movie or something.

It makes you sit and stare at tight buds for what seems like hours.
It makes your eyes go wiggly-wobbly waiting for something to happen.
Then, it happens!
And suddenly, if you glance away for a second, you'll miss it all!
The petals pop and a flower appears.
In an instant.
It makes you smile.
It makes you giddy.
It makes you go crazy over a little plant.
It might make your neighbors think you've really lost it, sitting in the grass staring at a plant.
But that's okay.
They might be crazy too.


  1. It is a beautiful garden has been blessed with them.


  2. Interesting! They're pretty flowers. :) To me, that would be NICE to just sit and look at a pretty flower for awhile.

  3. Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!!!


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