Friday, June 17, 2011

MY Denim Skirt!

This skirt has been on my sewing list for a very long time.
My previous favorite denim skirt has gotten *very faded* and it was time to update.

I used an old Butterick pattern, number 4660, but changed a few things. Like, not cutting the front and back pattern piece on the fold, inserting a lapped zipper in the front, and doing all sorts of top stitching, not to mention adding pockets!


My husband has informed me that the pocket on the left is narrower and pointier than the one on the right.
I knew that.
But I wasn't telling.
It was the first thing he noticed. He takes after his father in the noticing of details.
So, I guess I'll have to re-do it. *sigh*


See that empty spot at the top of the zipper?
There's supposed to be a really snazzy professional looking "jean" snap there. But, me and my snap press and do-gizzies got all fumbled and I seem to be lacking an important snap thingy. That is to say, I can't add my snap till I locate the little adapter.
I'm rather bummed about that.


For the lining of the pockets, I used some plaid fabric in some of my favorite colors.
No one will know, but me, that it's there and I will go around smiling with my little secret!
Oh, well, you know now, but don't tell!


Can I just mention here that heavy duty sewing machine needles really DO make all the difference? And...a twin set is even better?


My final entry for Skirt Week! (And yep, I'm totally just barely getting this in by the deadline.)
It was great motivation to quit procrastinating with this skirt.


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  1. I like it! Pockets and all. :) LOL I like the topstitching you did, and I REALLY like that pocket lining - that just adds a nice touch!


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