Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mom's 60th Birthday (Gift)

Mom turned 60 on May 14th. Tiffany and I had a surprise card shower for her, as well as a surprise birthday party. Those went off wonderfully, and I do believe we suitably celebrated this momentous occasion.
But this post is mainly to highlight the gift we gave her.


Tiff gathered pictures of Mom's life, and I scanned them and entered them into Shutterfly to create a photobook.
It worked wonderfully.


Here are a few of her elementary school pictures. She is pointing out the fact that she wore the same dress for picture day, two years in a row.
(Notice the middle picture and the one to the right of Mom's finger.)


Here is a picture of her family and one of her with her Dad and nephew as well as a beloved mule.


Ah, she married Daddy! It didn't seem that we had any pictures of the two of them before I came along, so I scanned a newspaper picture. It was in an article about the two of them and how they met.
(Through "Farm Journal" magazine!)


She was very pleased with her gift, and all the memories it holds. It was such fun putting it together for her and seeing Mom's life in pictures.


  1. What a great idea! I hope your mom had a wonderful day. :)


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