Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All-Purpose Denim Skirt

Every little girl needs a denim skirt. You know, we wear jeans and denim with everything, so why shouldn't the wee ones?

I made this skirt a few months ago, out of the pant legs of my husband's old jeans. So simple, with an elastic waistband.

Denim skirt

I thought it needed a little dressing up though, so I added some simple ric-rac near the hem.


Here it is in action back when it was "new":


And here it is on my *now walking* 13 month old, (!) just a couple weeks ago.


I have plans to make a second denim skirt similar to this one, because as you can see, she can get a little dirty outside playing. We need another one to stay clean while one is in the wash!

P.S. This is an entry for Crafterhours Skirt Week! How fun! I was thinking of trying to get a new skirt made for myself and entering it...we'll see if I make the deadline.



  1. That's a cute denim skirt for your little girl! I like the ric-rac on the hem. :)

  2. So cute!!!
    BTW...I awarded you! you can go to my blog to get it! =)


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