Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A few images from this past weekend...

A wedding, with cheese fondue, Chinese lanterns, ice cream and yummy fruit.


A quiet Monday morning shared with sister-in-laws and my wee one.


A curious little girl, occupied with her favorite pastime: looking out the window.


Edit: I should have mentioned the top picture credit goes to Silas, and the bottom two go to Naomi. Yeah, I know, I have great brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws. ;)


  1. awww......Great pictures!!! =)

  2. Aww!! the picture of Natasha looking out the window turned out really cute. I should say, they all turned out nice, because they did!! :)
    love from aunt nome!

  3. Awww.... Natasha Is SO cute. The one of her looking out the window is adorable!! She looks a lot like our cousin in Va.
    All the pictures are really good!!
    Twila Miller


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