Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Burlap and Twigs

Oh...am I having fun!
We have a couple birthdays coming up in the family...someone is turning 26, and a smaller someone is turning 1.
For the smaller someone, I am planning a party.
I had no idea that children's birthday parties could be such elaborate affairs! My goodness!
So, while I've come across some really pretty and detailed ideas (on Pinterest), I hope to keep this under control and not go over board. I mean, Natasha won't remember a thing about this party. She's turning one for pete's sake!

But still. I'm planning something special, and having a lot of fun doing it.

Anyway, while browsing for party ideas, I got side tracked (this happens way too frequently...) and stumbled upon this:

Oh, how I *like* the yellow and blue...the burlap napkin ring with the twigs... *sigh*

Just in case you were wondering, it was on this wedding blog. I'm amazed at how many wedding ideas can be used as birthday party ideas. As far as decorating goes. Thankfully, I'm not planning a wedding; just a simple birthday for a little girl who's turning one. :)

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  1. OH, I "really" like that!! :)
    See you SOON :D


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