Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's Day Snowflakes

Martha Stewart inspires me. Wait, don't get me wrong here...
I have no desire to be her.
I've learned she has a LOT of creative, imaginative staff members who come up with a lot of her cute decorating ideas and no one can do all she does unless that someone has staff.
So perhaps I should re-phrase my statement.
Martha Stewart's staff members inspire me.

Anyway, I saw an idea from one of those staff members, or, maybe it was Martha Stewart herself, a long time ago and have wanted to do it ever since.
All they did was hang starched doilies from clear thread in a window and it looked like snowflakes. LOVE it!

So I gathered my doilies.
And that's as far as I got.

Until this week. I actually got them starched!
But, it seemed awfully Christmasy...hanging snowflakes in the window. Even though, we had the biggest snowstorm of the year just a couple days ago.


So I added felt hearts.


If you want to make these yourself, consider this a tutorial. :)
All you do is starch doilies of various sizes.
Cut out hearts to match the doily size.
Tack those hearts to those starched doilies.
Hang with clear thread in a nearby window.



I would have used hot glue to tack the hearts on, but perhaps next Christmas, I will actually use my snowflakes as Christmas decor. So, I just hand stitched the hearts on, so I can easily take them off if I want.


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  1. Cute! Martha {or her staff} ain't got nothing on you! Thanks for sharing the link.


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