Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A twirly skirt

Very easy.
(Except for sewing an invisible zipper in and trying to match plaids.)
Very flowy.
(Great for spinning, and dancing.)
Makes a very happy me.
Yup, that's my measuring tape 'round my neck.
Can you tell I *just* finished sewing and ran out to get a picture?

Still deciding whether to add cute pockets on the front... ?

I made view D, which is the skirt in the top right on the envelope.

But, I didn't really follow the directions, or anything.
I have made enough skirts to know you sew the front
to the back, and insert the zipper on the left side,
add a waistband (which I never use pattern pieces for)
and sew on a teeny hook and eye.
As I said, very easy. :)

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