Monday, November 1, 2010

Happiness comes from the little things in life

I decided salad spinners weren't so silly after all.
Then decided I wanted one.
I didn't know much about these gizmos,
but I knew I wanted a small one,
and ideally one without a cord,
and one without holes in the bottom bowl.
And guess what.
My mother-in-law found the *perfect* salad spinner for me!

It's small.
It doesn't have holes in the bottom bowl.
It doesn't have a cord.
The best part? She found it at Goodwill with
a price tag of $4 or something.
Once she got to the check-out,
the cashier asked, "Doesn't that seem a little much?"
Ginny kind of shrugged.
(How does one respond to a question like that?!)
The cashier then said, "Let's make it $2.50."
Ginny raised her hand like at an auction and said, "Sold!"

The second best part? It's an Ikea!
I've never been to an Ikea store, but I keep seeing blogs with goodies from this amazing place and I'm happy to have a little 'Ikea' of my own now.
No more wet salads for us!

It really doesn't take much to make me happy.

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