Friday, October 29, 2010

Rustic Lace

This chair has had an old flour sack draped over it,
serving as a chair cover for months.
When we had company a while ago, I decided it was too tacky.
So using a burlap feed sack, (that still had wheat in it!),
I made this chair cover:

Some *old* lace from my Great-Grandma's stash added just a bit of feminine "frill" to the barn-yard look of the burlap.

To tie it on, I used, what else? Jute twine!
Then got even more creative.
Wooden spools, (also from my Great-Grandma's stash), completed the look.
I absolutely love how this project turned out!!
It reminds me :)
Somewhat rustic, but just enough lace to make it feminine and cute.

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