Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My daughter rolls over. A lot.

Which I don't mind at all.
Except during diaper changes.
I'm afraid she'll roll off one day when I have my back turned.
The changing table we bought has straps, but they're not functional.
See the problem?

I decided I could make some velcro covers to slip
over those old nylon buckle straps.

So, using some scraps of fabric, I did just that!
Each strip was about 17" x 4".

I zig-zagged a strip of velcro on the right side of one strip, slightly off-center.

The other velcro strip, went on the other scrap piece in the same manner.

So I had a fuzzy strip, and a hook strip.

Then I folded over each 4" end so it wouldn't ravel, in a narrow, double fold hem.
(I realized afterwards, I only needed to do one end...)

Next I sewed each strip lengthwise, right sides together,
with about a 1/2" seam allowance.
(Here's where I should have just closed up one short end. Oh well!)
I turned them right side out...

...and slid them over the changing table straps.

That's when I realized I should have closed
one end when I was sewing it earlier.
I forgot that I only needed one opening to get the velcro cover over the strap.
So I had to slip-stitch the other opening closed by hand:

At the other end, I hand stitched the velcro cover onto the white nylon strap, close to the base where it was attached to the changing table, and the changing pad.

Ta da!

It seems sort of silly to strap Natasha in...
But, when I go around the corner for a few seconds to wet a washcloth,
my little Momma heart doesn't worry so much
that she's going to roll right off. :)

This might not work for long though.
Natasha is strong enough to pull the velcro tabs up,
if she grasps correctly. :)

::Edit:: I have now classified this little sewing project as a new-momma learning experience. I think I used these funny straps maybe 5 times, before I deemed it crazy. Natasha has never rolled out, and now even sits up on the changing table and has never once fallen out. Of course, the tutorial is still here, in case you are a momma who finds the straps actually helpful. So please use and enjoy. I'm just saying that even though I made them, I don't use them! I know, kind of silly, but anyway.

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