Wednesday, July 7, 2010

In which I create something cute for my daughter

I saw this idea here:
I thought it was an awfully cute idea and SIMPLE at that!

So I decided to make my own little tutorial...the Janel version.
Select a rather white, commonplace onesie:

Cut 2 strips of t-shirt fabric into 3/4 in. strips,
and 2 strips into 1/2 in. strips.

Run a gathering stitch straight down the middle of each strip.

Gather the strips into ruffles.

Pin one of the 3/4 in. strips onto the neckline of the onesie.

With a regular stitch length,
sew that adorable little ruffle onto the onesie.


Decide that one ruffle isn't enough,
so add the other 3/4 in. ruffle to the back neckline,
and put the 1/2 in. ruffles on the sleeves.

Now, wait for your little girlie to fit into size 3-6 onesies!

I foresee more ruffles on more onesies... :)

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  1. Aww.. Janel that onesie is SO cute!! I'll have to try that sometime :)


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