Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our wee one is 6 weeks old already.

I am happy to report that "mommying" is becoming much easier.

Breastfeeding was definitely the biggest hurdle, but like everyone said, wait till 2 weeks, then 3, or 6. Our magic number week was 5, and it has made life so much more enjoyable.

I feel much more at home being Momma, and wife and homemaker now. :)
Natasha and Daniel are best buddies.
She smiled her first real smile at him this past week!

My sewing machine has been in use! I needed a diaper bag.
Well...I should say I wanted a diaper bag that was ME.
The one my dear Grandma gave us (bless her heart) was VERY pink and had a princess bear on the side in a pink castle.
Not very me.
So I decided to make one.

Much more ME. :)

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